"Monster Hunter: Rise" Steam Unlocked Sale: From 396 yuan

Onlin news reported on January 13 that the latest masterpiece of Capcom’s “Monster Hunter” series “Monster Hunter: Rise” was officially unlocked and sold on the Steam platform today. The standard version in the country is 396 yuan, and the deluxe version is 465.3 yuan. Players who have pre-ordered have also Appearance equipment such as Hound and Elu cat can be obtained for free.

The game’s large-scale DLC “Dawn” will be released this summer, and the official will announce more related news in the spring. The Steam version of “Monster Hunter: Rise” will be able to play all the additional content released on the NS version at launch, including the upcoming update of “Sonic” linkage content, in addition to the content released in the end of February 2022 with the Switch version.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” this time on the PC platform, will add a series of special filters , including black and white, nostalgia, Japanese style, Sengoku (Japan) style and two movie styles. The game will support ultra-wide monitors with support for 4K resolutions, HD textures, high frame rate modes, keyboard and mouse operations, and voice chat.

As of press time, the Steam evaluation of this work is “mostly favorable”, and 77% of players have given this work a favorable review .

We learned that “Monster Hunter: Rise” was the first to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform on March 26, 2021, and its global sales exceeded 5 million in 10 days.

In the other news, IT House reported on January 13 that WeChat yesterday released the “Announcement on Governing Disorders in the Operation of Internet User Accounts”. Further standardize the operation of Internet user accounts.

WeChat manages the chaos in the operation of Internet user accounts

The announcement pointed out that during the special work period, the WeChat platform continued to strengthen the management of illegal account name information , comprehensively standardize the use of account name information, and counterfeit the names of organizations such as party, government and military organs, enterprises and institutions, news media, etc. The identified accounts were dealt with strictly, and a number of accounts that were used without authorization and were associated with administrative divisions were cleaned up , using the banners of “XX Toutiao”, “XX Think Tank” and “XX News” to mislead the public with falsehoods , such as “Nanjing Toutiao” ” Handan News”, “China and Globalization Think Tank”, “College Entrance Examination Shandong”.

We learned that WeChat stated in the announcement that the WeChat platform has always attached great importance to and proactively dealt with accounts and content that use malicious marketing and other means to harvest traffic and gain attention. In this special action, the WeChat platform continued to increase governance. , Strictly deal with illegal accounts that use current affairs and social events to rub off on hot spots, and use the headline party to hype up illegal accounts.

According to reports, the WeChat platform will continue to optimize the management mechanism, continue to clean up all kinds of illegal accounts and content, and guide account entities to standardize account operations .

WeChat manages the chaos in the operation of Internet user accounts

In other news, the realme GT2 Pro was officially released recently. It adopts Samsung 2K flexible straight screen / E4 / 120Hz / LTPO 2.0, and is adapted to the high frame rate mode of multiple games.

realme GT2 Pro will be updated to support dynamic LTPO variable frame display function, and

We learned that today, realme officially released the answer to the question:

1. Has LTPO stepless frame change been updated?

In the current software version, the second-generation LTPO function is already supported and effective. The frame rate display of the system is currently only the maximum frame rate of the software, and the dynamic LTPO variable frame display function will be brought to you in the next update .

2. Will it be updated to support more high frame rate games?

At present, Realme GT2 Pro already supports the high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings” and “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games”. “Peace Elite” 90 frames will be supported after the next game version update , and Realme GT2 Pro is also in the second batch of compatible models in the “League of Legends Mobile Games” high frame rate mode.

3. Why does the game have a high frame rate or 60 frames?

In order to provide a more balanced performance experience, realme has specially customized an exclusive GT mode in the GT series products, allowing players to release the full chip performance with one click and obtain a more extreme gaming experience. At present, users who want to experience high frame rate games are recommended to open the GT mode to play the game . If the GT mode is not turned on, the maximum frame rate of the game will be limited by the system, which can achieve lower heat generation and longer game time.

4. When does 1000Hz touch take effect?

1000Hz Instantaneous Touch is optimized for scenarios where games require extremely fast response operations. Currently, it is automatically enabled in the following game scenarios:

  • When there are more than 4 people on the same screen in the team battle of “Honor of Kings”;

  • “Peace Elite” users turn on the magnifying mirror until the end of the mirror opening;

  • “League of Legends Mobile Games” in game games other than training camp;

  • The countdown time for the departure of “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games”.

At the same time, Realme GT2 Pro also supports the latest O-Sync overclocking response 2.0, which can be opened in the sidebar of the game interface, which can effectively improve the speed of touch response. League of Legends Mobile Games”, “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games” and many other mainstream games.

5. Where has the game space gone?

In the newly upgraded realme Ul3.0, the game space and the game center are merged . At the same time, users can also switch and set game functions in the sidebar of the game.

realme GT2 Pro will be updated to support dynamic LTPO variable frame display function, and

We earlier reported that Google launched the first beta version of Android 12L in December last year, bringing several optimizations and improvements to foldable devices and large-screen devices, and has released updates to many Pixel phones. .

Android 12L Beta 2 released: API finalized, oriented to folding screen, tablet, can start to adapt to App (with update package)

Today, Android 12L released the Beta 2 version . There are not many functional changes in this update, mainly for bug fixes and with the latest January 2022 security patch.

Android 12L Beta 2 released: API finalized, oriented to folding screen, tablet, can start to adapt to App (with update package)

We understands that starting with Beta 2, system behavior and APIs have been finalized . Developers can already adapt apps for Android 12L. Android 12L has a standard API level (API level 32).

  • Fixed an issue where the clock on the lock screen was not in the center of the screen.

  • Fixed an issue where all apps in the recent apps view were displayed as a black image with an “App unavailable” message.

  • Fixed using gestures to switch between apps, sometimes showing the image of the previous app state on part of the current app.

  • Fixed an issue where some icons on the lock screen were too small when viewed on a large screen.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the lock screen was not turned off after unlocking the device.

  • Fixed an issue that caused bitmap images to disappear or otherwise render incorrectly in widgets.

Android 12L Beta 2 has been pushed to a number of Pixel devices, the following are the update packages:

Equipment name OTA package complete package
Google Pixel 3a Link Link
Google Pixel 3a XL Link Link
Google Pixel 4 Link Link
Google Pixel 4 XL Link Link
Google Pixel 4a Link Link
Google Pixel 4a 5G Link Link
Google Pixel 5 Link Link
Google Pixel 5a Link Link

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